Nous Wear was born out of both of our fascination with the kinetic properties of Lenticular prints and innovative materials. Our designs are products of anywhere from 6 to 300+ hours of meticulous handcrafting. We like to think of them as wearable art - one-of-a-kind statement pieces that break the boundary between apparel and accessory.

Our process consists of experimenting with the deconstruction of geometric shapes and the structural elements of this specific material and transforming them into fluid silhouettes that drape with movement and depth. 

Juna Skenderi is an artist and filmmaker living and working in New York with a BFA in Filmmaking from Montclair State University. Her work has been shown at White Box Gallery, Fuse Gallery, Brick Gallery and TheaterLab.

Vero Romero is an artist and designer living and working in New York with a BFA in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work has been presented at the 2015 Future of Fashion Runway Show and displayed at The Museum at FIT.